Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Happiness Project

I didn't get to class this morning.... waiting for my Student Loan to arrive in my account which has resulted in me being flat broke with bills up the ying yang and things I need like the back window I busted out of my hatch back over the holidays.

I ran out of gas last night on the way back from University. Fortunately I am blessed to have a good friend along the way who had some gas in the jug and lent me twenty bucks to get to town to put some fuel in the tank, to get home and make another trip to town as soon as I got my dough in the bank. Bla Bla Bla. We all have shit to complain about. Shit happens, that never changes but my attitude that can change!

As I do everyday every morning I listen to CBC Radio with Jian, ( I love you ), on Q, had a lovely intelligent and erudite woman talking about her blog , The Happiness Project, which she has now based her new book with the same title.

I got thinking about happiness, which I too, have spent many years figuring out just what it means and how to get it. There was a time when I thought happiness was for others and until I began the inner journey, of finding out what it means to be myself, and learning to love and accept who I am , then happiness wasn't so elusive to me.

I have a good life long friend who once told me, she though I was resilient. That's a good thing to be and it made me feel great to know she saw me in that way.

That said, sometimes in life things happen that you have no control of and there isn't anything you can do to change it. You can be resilient but that doesn't mean you don't feel tired out, stressed and even overwhelmed. During these times I've found it best to simply withdraw yourself from the situation if you can, in a way that is positive for yourself, in order to rest whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. Some would call it listening for the small quiet voice, or being still, quite reflection, or maybe just laying around, like a carp waiting for time to pass, if that's all you can manage to do. I have decided to do this today because there wasn't anything else for me to do. This always helps me and allows me time to re-group and practice mindfulness. Happiness, in the form of contentment seems to seep into my spirit before I know it and things have a way of righting themselves again. It was serendipity that I heard Gretchen Rubin this morning and I am grateful because she has certainly added to my happiness and has enabled me to opportunity to add to my own.

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