Sunday, January 30, 2011

She's Done ...I Think...

I spent another 3 or fours on my egg tempera painting and did some serious reading up and learned some important pointers. I am pleased with how it is developing and well don't think I'll be doing too much more on this painting unless I am feeling compelled, which could happen. I think egg tempera is another great lesson for one wanting to develop patience or if you happen to be OCD it's a great outlet! I am anxious to get on with the next project which will be very small in comparison to this large 4'x3' monstrosity I foolishly decided upon. Next few pieces will be not more that 1.5' x 18" no bigger than 18", which is the recommended maximum size. So I spent enough time that I think I am finally beginning to understand the actual painting process of small minute crosshatching which is very similar to the drawing technique used to indicate volume, and it allows for a transparency and luminosity.

I wasn't certain I'd really like egg tempera once I realized how fast it actually dries much like acrylic paint, which I have never much enjoyed because it does dry so quickly. I have been a dedicated oil painter for many years and never foresaw that changes. I loved the fact that oil for the most part was long in drying and the paint could be worked up to continue laying in more colour. The wonderful thing about tempera is you can really work up to the effect you want and even remove what you don't with a sharp tool as long as you don't remove the gesso.

So now I am a convert to egg tempera and I don't foresee myself going back to oil any time soon.The wonderful and exciting thing about creativity and making art it is always changing much like ourselves nothing stands still. Working with egg tempera is much more economic, making your own paint. I'll have to hit my neighbour up with fresh eggs!

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