Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pine Point NWT

Being a fan of Doug Coupland I clicked on this link that he shared , stating how much he loved this film and how brilliant it is. I have to agree. It is a very touching, heart felt and powerful story on many levels. It got me thinking about something my Professor said to me yesterday, " Local stories are often overlooked." After watching this film that statement really caused me to ponder. This NFB film based on Pine Point , a zinc mining town in the NWT, that shutdown and was abandoned because the mine closed. It has stayed alive through a website filled with memories of it citizens.
Having lived in the NWT for three years, and now in rural Nova Scotia for 17 years I understand how people bond with one another in isolated communities and it's not unlike many mining towns, that have been uprooted and left behind due to similar situations and reasons. What makes me pause, is that it speaks to me and reminds me of so many rural towns and villages that have lost their livelihood and with it their sense of community, family and a big part of their identity. What lives is held within memory. But what then, once those who hold the memories are gone, who will remember, who will know?

There is a old African saying, "Know your history and you will be wise."

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