Friday, July 8, 2016

Creativity, Tarot, The City of Words and Gilgamesh

Eight years ago when I began to seriously study Tarot, I saw creativity as being naturally and directly connected for many reasons, and has increasingly been affirmed to me as being a perfect fit, especially as an artist.

 Primarily it's necessary to have a creative, intuitive perception for both pursuits. Consciousness and the unconscious are also involved with execution of both these creative arts and skill. This instinct and ability is certainly not exclusive to certain individuals, as we all possess this instinct and creative ability, but they must be nurtured and practiced in order for it to increase.

 C.G. Jung stated  'the collective unconsciousness is the "soul of the world" and it is in that 'soul' that our shared symbolism of the archetypes dwell. An archetype is a universal human behaviour or pattern. Tarot and art help me to tap into the universe's unlimited creative energy through archetype.

Tarot has long held the human imagination for ages and shows no sign of disappearing. Art and creativity do the same. Both reflect story telling, and a self-knowledge of the soul. Tarot imagery is fundamental and exact in describing the multi-coloured working of the inner psyche that spring from the imagination spontaneously, in a poetic language that tells the story of the archetypal life journey. This language of story is found on many levels and in countless creative outpourings over the millennia.

The use of the Mythic Tarot deck has allowed me to study the images of the Greek Gods so beloved by the Renaissance artists and writers that formed art and literature, the cultural underpinning of the whole western world.

 Currently I am reading a fascinating book given to me by a good friend, by Alberto Manguel, entitled The City of Words. His book suggest that perhaps through "the stories we tell, these hold secret keys to the human heart. "
He encourages us to look at the artists and other visionaries who can help us change our hearts for the better and build a better world through myth and story.

Like in the story of the ancient epic poem Gilgimesh, we can learn to live life and to love well.

Gilgamesh Morns Enkidu


thesycamoretree said...

I too think stories and art speak at a deeper level to the innermost part of people. :)

Unknown said...

The world would be a culturally barren wasteland without them. Art and story act as guideposts to help us find our way and so much more. Thank you for your comment Bev!