Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alyona Azernaya

 From - The Cycle of the Life

Your entire human experience is predicated on your viewpoint.
Your viewpoint is predicated on your
inner belief system and that is predicated on
how much you believe in fear
and how much you believe in love.

 - Emmanuel

Art by Alyona Azernaya

Finding artists online is one of my very favourite things, and I've come upon several over the past eight years since beginning this blog. But I must say, I haven't found one artist that spoke so strongly to my soul until today, when I learned about Alyona Azernaya. This is I think the third Russian artist I've found online, and I admit I'm fast becoming a great admirer.

I happen to subscribe to a Jungian site on Facebook and one of the members had posted one of Alyona Azernaya's paintings along with the above quote.
Her palette is sumptuous, subtle, and muted, simultaneously with a brilliance of colour that delights all the senses.
 I expect the reason I so love her work, is because I have a strong identification and affinity with mythology, symbolism, the Divine Feminine, all of which is reflected in my own subject matter. Her imagery struck me as being so familiar on both a conscious and an unconscious level.

Alyonan Azernaya is Russian and her subject matter explores mythological, symbolic subject matter, and dream like imagery. She inspires me!

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