Monday, February 15, 2016

Maggie Thrett - Soupy

If you haven't figured out already that I listen to CBC Radio almost 24/7, well then I guess you haven't read much of my blog. But I'll forgive you for that. I admit, I am a complete radio head. I was brought up this way in a household that loved to sit and listen to CBC radio, especially for the music. Now a days it's still for the music, but also for the informational education it provides.

 When I was a kid coming down to Nova Scotia every Summer to visit my grandparents, as a family we would regularly gather in the living room after supper, and listen to my grandparents old 78 records of Boogie Woogie music or listen to the radio. I know now this was an exceptional experience and laid the foundation for my love of music and for radio.

I wasn't planning on posting anything today. It's a slow kinda day here in Nova Scotia, that's some kind of holiday, that nobody's quite sure of, but I wanted to share this piece of music. I just found out about it yesterday while listening to the radio while Rich Terfry was broadcasting his show Review Mirror about the good ol' days of music.

 The singer/actress Maggie Thrett  was closely associated with Gram Parsons and was on Star Trek. This song " Soupy" is a real funky piece of music, very dance-able, that I'm sure you'll enjoy. If it doesn't get you up dancing, I'm betting you'll be bopping around in your chair.


thesycamoretree said...

The lyrics made me laugh but the beat sure had me tapping my toes! :) I've been listening to some podcast shows recently, which makes me remember listening to shows on the radio as a kid.

Unknown said...

Me too Bev. Fun to listen too. I think if this song was around today it would go over big with a certain group of funky folk.

CBC Radio has been cutting their programming and others just leaving the mother ship. Some shows have been replaced by a lot of podcasts. I enjoy them. I love love This American Life.

Jon D'Souza-Eva said...

Gram Parsons, not Graham Parsons.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment re Gram. Never was real familiar with him so didn't know his name was short for Ingram, just figured it was Graham!