Thursday, February 4, 2016

Diversity the Cornerstone of Creativity?

Last week I heard a woman of colour talk about the definition of the word diversity. Perhaps many of us, myself included, have interpreted  the word to mean a varied group of people who are of different race, religion and culture. I hear this word diversity a lot lately and it's even been said that it's become a kind of empty cultural euphemism. But I've learned that it isn't simply about race, religion or culture. Diversity is almost synonymous with creativity and is innovative. It is a way of thinking and a lifestyle.

This month is Black History Month and it is such a rich history, needing to be told not just one month out of the year. Many Canadians don't know who Viola Davis Desmond was, a remarkable woman and a brave activist who fought segregation, here in Nova Scotia like Rosa Parks did, who was called the " Mother of the Freedom Movement" in Montgomery Alabama, U.S. 

With all the refugees coming into Canada, and within the next few days, our small coastal community will soon be welcoming a Syrian family to Nova Scotia. I am hopeful that more of us will always want to celebrate, honour and really come to understand the meaning of creative diversity and/or diverse creativity. It's what connects us to one another, and what makes us human.

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