Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fundy Art

As Summer is quickly coming to an end, with Fall in the air, in the second week of University, anticipating the approaching  reality of the work ahead of me. After seeing this video when I arrived home  today, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with the desire to be at the beach doing just what these kids are doing. As Summer comes closer to an end there is such an urge to want to hang on to the warm weather and having as much fun as possible outside under the sun delighting in the ocean beaches. The Bay of Fundy is truly a wondrous place and always was my Summer play ground as a kid, and still is as an adult. I will miss you Summer, and I'm not quite ready to let you go, but I will, because I know you will return again.


Betsy Grant said...

Thank you for this wonderful video Catherine. So good to be pleasantly reminded to see life as a child does - simultaneously playing, being creative, yet not becoming unduly attached to our results!

Unknown said...

r welcome Betsy. It's always so wonderful to share the beauty of the Bay of Fundy with the world.

Being child like when it comes to art making is all about the play! And yes, being able to let go of the results that's an important lesson to remember! Thank you for your comment Betsy. It's always very much appreciated hearing your feedback.