Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Reflections

Christmas is soon approaching. I have no money to shop. I am not giving into the pressure of being the typical Christmas consumer. Not that I have ever done this really, because I have made a conscious decision to avoid certain consuming Christmas traps I'll call them, like going to the Malls, listening to AM radio, or watching TV with all the commercial garbage with the exception of some programs, but presently I have no TV hook-up which was another conscious decision. That said, I can let all the Christmas pressure get me down in the dumps, if I let it, for a myriad of reasons, that I really don't wish to expound upon. Regardless, I can find the Spirit of Christmas if I choose to look hard enough and put some effort into finding it.

As the years go by, at this time of year I will often have memories of feelings of Christmas's past. I don't dwell on them, just glimpse back at the happy times and a few of the sad. All in all it is just one day. But Christmas to me is a spiritual frame of mind that needs to stay with me all year round. I keep little reminders of this up around the house, leaving some favourite ornaments up all year round to help me do this. I think deeply now, about those who have little, who hurt alot and have tragic circumstances to deal with during the season. What has all this to do with creativity I am asking myself? Alot upon reflection. I have to find creative ways to make Christmas more meaningful. Not so much to me directly, but to others around me and a distance away from me. This isn't always the easiest thing to do because there is a tendency to get focused on myself. A case of the poor me 's.
So I have to put my imagination to work and see what I come up with. I hope you can find ways to do this also. I love to know what others do to enable a Christmas in the heart all year round. For me this is what it is all about, not to forget to have Christmas Spirit in my heart, all year round. As my good friend Chris from Nebraska says. Pray for Peace... and I will.

With kind Regards - Catherine

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