Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I had a chance to reconnect and catch up with some old friends lately. People I haven't seen for many years. It really rather amazes me how things change but in many ways stay the same. It was wonderful to discover they are really neat people; creative, imaginative and rediscovering this about themselves perhaps, because they have lost the fear of being able to be themselves, for fear of rejection, failure and have redefined what it means to be successful. I have also changed in many of the same ways. Maybe it comes with age, being comfortable in my own skin and having the freedom to be myself, a creative being, my higher self. This is whom we are all meant to be. I believe this in the depths of my soul. This is the way we are born.

Today I submitted the second of two completed applications for art grants. What a wonderfully empowering feeling it has been to go through this process regardless of the outcome. I have learned much, yes had doubts but risen above them and finally been able to see this through with support and encouragement from friends, family and co-artists. I 've been able to demystify this process, face my fears and doubts, and it ceratainly has given me a sense of freedom to believe in myself and be who I better, no less than anyone, a creative human being who happens to be an artist.

With kind regards - Catherine

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