Friday, December 19, 2008

Some Thoughts About Changing and Doing New Things

I have been busy doing the Christmas baking and decorating thing, which I love by the way, no stress here. I refuse!

Being that the end of 2008 is fast approaching, I have been reflecting over the past year. I realize I have been changing and have been doing alot of new things I have never done before and some, I never thought I would do. I am not one to be making New Years resolutions but have always been interested in challenging myself, and getting out of my comfort zone. Doing such things like applying for government art grants, changing my career, my art, my attitude toward marketing myself as an artist, that's major for me. Making biscotti, venison vegetable meat pies and decorating my stairs bannister with spuce boughs, all of which I never done before either that's minor. Some of these might seem inconsequential but they have added up to a rather subtle change in my attitude, that is really very signifcant to me.

I have always been one to want to face my fear. I try hard to push through what it is I am feeling fearful of in my life, even though it scares the bejesus out of me. This is not always easy but very rewarding. We are all fearful of people, places and things, big and small. This is all very normal and what is essential to me is realizng and actualizing my ability to walk through them and know in my gut this is the only way to overcome my fear. The Serenity Prayer helps me enormously as well. This all affects my creative process and it is important for me to remember always.

Kind regards - Catherine

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