Thursday, August 10, 2017

Not Happy?


When I’m unhappy humour always helps, always…

One thing about happiness, it’s got to be balanced with unhappiness. I don’t mean fifty/fifty all the time. But it’s impossible to be happy all the time. Sometimes our happiness or unhappiness is 20/80 etc. But if your mostly unhappy you have to find out why and how you can change that in the best way possible without the use and abuse of reality altering substances, because that’s only gonna “f’ you up, and I’m not talkin’ funk.

Today I was feeling a little isolated, a little lonely, a little sad, and bored with myself really, which also left me feeling pretty unmotivated and longing for ice cream. I tell myself that makes me feel better, but it’s only a temporary measure, because I’m an emotional eater.

So, I decided to take some creative action, which is always the antidote to worry or sadness for me that works. I got out my drawing tools and continued working on a painting I started last week. I felt better.
Then I got some really bad news, and then felt much worse.

 I noticed a friend posted this youtube video of Johnny Cash singing “Hurt”. I’d heard this before, but didn’t see the video. It made me reflect deeply, about how we all experience love, loss, regret, consequence, great happiness and deep sadness in life. And besides all that, no one gets out of here alive. But we’re all on the same ship together so we may as well enjoy the ride for as long as we can until it’s time to embark upon the shore.

Then I remembered listening to a rebroadcast of an interview earlier today, with Sheryl Sandburg from Face Book who’d suddenly lost her husband Dave Goldburg. She wrote Lean In and after losing her beloved husband, and was left with two young children to care for, she had a really rough go and eventually wrote her new book, Option Two.
I felt better.


Stubblejumpers Cafe said...

Hang in there, chickie.
I too am facing this fact: a certain amount of dissatisfaction or unhappiness is inevitable. We aren't happy and content every moment.
I've always rejected these notions, insisting that if I wasn't feeling good, something was wrong and needed to be changed or fixed.
Maybe that's so, but also maybe I need to be more accepting of reality. Otherwise disappointment is all too frequent.

Unknown said...

Hey Kate thank you so much for your comment and for dropping by!

Yep reality can suck the big one, by times but I know it's all in the attitude, one day at a time with gratitude, and not comparing but identifying with the feelings that every one has.

I had a years of running away from reality. Once I embraced it, it sure as shit wasn't near as heavy and I didn't have drag it around! Today I practice wearing the world as a loose garment. Some days it's a little tighter fitting than others, but I just let out the seams and make an adjustment.