Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Do I Write?

Many years ago I had the most beautiful fountain pen. I'd bought it for a great price, at a very fine classic jewelry store that had been there for so many years but was sadly going out of business on Barrington Street, in downtown Halifax.

The fountain pen was finely crafted, adorned with gold plating. Oh it was a grand pen to write with, a Parker. Unfortunately I lost it in Newfoundland. Whoever found it, I sure hope they're appreciating and enjoying it as much as I did! How I long to have another. Parker pens are hard to find, and very expensive new. If you are fortunate to ever have one, I'm sure you'll agree, writing with a Parker fountain pen is second to none, like no other and the best experience ever, when it comes to putting pen to paper. Some day I'll be able to afford to luxuriate in this!


So yesterday I got thinking about all this writing and I asked myself why do I write? Though I know many of the benefits I never really got intentionally specific about answering this question until today, when I found this site, Write Practice that encourages those who write to take fifteen minutes to think about it and answer that question for themselves, why do I write? So I did that. It was a positive, worthwhile endeavour and this is what I've come up with.

Why do I write? Writing for me is a natural as breathing. I have to do it. I've written most all my life but now I write every day, long hand in journals and in three different but related blogs.

 I've been seriously writing daily since 1995 after reading the Julie Cameron's The Artist Way.

Writing has changed my life and continues to do that and has given me a strong sense of freedom and it's helped to actualize dreams and accomplish my goals.

 Writing helps me to get rid of my inner critic, that very negative inner voice all creatives experience.

 If I don't write everyday, my world is just not right. Long hand writing in journals is of real, vital, importance to me and  so beneficial but very different than online writing. It's a visceral experience that connects my mind and soul through the physical exercise of the tangible cursive word.

Writing is exercise. This exercise enables my body to bring the mind and emotion together. It's then transformed into a spiritual and at times sacred experience.

I write to get those creative juices flowing. I do believe when you put pen to paper first comes the thought, then comes focused action, which increases my confidence. I feel empowered and my sense of identity feels strengthened.

I write to connect to myself and in turn connect to other human beings sharing this human experience called life.

The more I write the more I come to understand why I write. The more I write, the better writer I become.

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