Monday, February 13, 2017

Jim Gaffigan on Valentine's Day

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. The commercialism of every holiday is a big turn-off, and I simply try hard to ignore all that and enjoy what I can about every holiday.

The only time I can remember even vaguely liking Valentine's Day was, you know when at school everyone in your class gets those cheap old Valentine cards, your mother would buy for you at Woolworth store, that we all exchanged.

No one was left out, and there wasn't any thoughts of who you were going to let know that you "loved" them. It was just kind of fun, even though we really didn't have a clue why we were giving each other cards, and we sure as heck knew nothing about who Saint Valentine was.

Today in 2017 most of us still don't know much, if anything about Saint Valentine, and if we do, it really doesn't matter because, we're more interested and all caught up in getting flowers, chocolates, a dinner out and maybe disingenuously giving some kind of schmaltzy card we've picked up at the last minute from the corner store, all just to let one another know we "love" them.

One of my favourite comedians Jim Gaffigan expresses his feelings about Valentine's Day very well and pretty much sums up my thoughts about Valentine's Day.

The cards that Jim and his wife Jeannie write to one another are my idea of the perfect love notes.


thesycamoretree said...

The "patron saint of bad gifts" - love it! I (and my husband) would totally agree with this guy. It seems a great way for stores to make up on sales they missed on Christmas, but not for anything that remotely resembles love.

Unknown said...

Lol. Oh my God, to meet someone who makes you feel less of a monstrous human being and smells like that's love! LOL