Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feargus Callagy - Free Diver - Fire and Water

Feargus Callagy

Sleepless nights sometimes lend themselves to late night radio. Feargus Callagy is what's called a free diver (no tanks) and was featured on RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One - Fire and Water last night.

WOW! What an amazing story he had. Feargus Callagy is a real testament to what human beings are capable of without ever understanding or believing this to be reality, only until we really begin to understand ourselves and how we are all directly connected to nature.

This story immediately brought back a number of years ago when I learned how to SCUBA dive. It was a hard won battle with myself, because initially it certainly wasn't something I wanted to do. Proir to having this chance to get free training, I was fearful. But once I made up my mind to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and get certified, I immersed myself into the learning process completely and I had a new determination.

A whole new world was opened up to me and I was given an acute and in depth insight into myself and how I approached challenge, overcame my fears, and like Feargus Callagy says, diving helped help me to surpass what I thought I was capable of doing.

 SCUBA was so full of rewards and important lessons that I can apply to just about every life situation and circumstance. Diving to me, can help you to get in touch with a spirituality. It's one of those self-actualizing experiences that changes your life.

I've never been a free diver, but I'd certainly love the opportunity to one day learn. I'm convinced the rewards of being a free diver even greater than with tanks on you back as a SCUBA diver.

You can see listen here to the RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One - Fire and Water.

To be Free
as wild animals are.
To dive naked
as a dolphin.
Swift, silent, serene
into the depths of the sea.
To fly high up into the
infinite blue of the sky,
and glide quietly
over man’s shabby world
to blend in with the air
or melt into the water
becoming one with nature
and rediscovering the “Self”..
This is my motto!
-Jaques Mayol.

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