Tuesday, December 6, 2016

White Ribbon Day

I always keep an eyeball peeled for the date that Advent falls on. I've always looked forward to Advent because it uplifts my spirits during the dark days of Fall, into the Christmas season. But somehow this year I missed the date. It usually marks the time for me to dig out my Christmas ornaments  and decorate the house. I'd mentioned this to a friend the other day and realized after looking at the calendar I'd completely missed the beginning of Advent , Sunday November 27 2016.. So today I dug out the ornaments and got everything up even my little artificial Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Every year you hear about how difficult Christmas is for many, and it's true. It's always been this way for me. But after being alone for so many years I realized that there are certain things that I can do to make this time of the year a little more enjoyable. I've had to make my own traditions and  I don't let the pressures effect me. I've never been one to let the commercialism and consumerism of it all to affect me. I've simply removed myself from these environments and situations. I completely avoid the shopping malls and I don't allow myself to get caught up in the obligatory gift giving. It helps me to remember, it's not the gift, but the giver of the gift that is important.

I'm enjoying my decorating though it's far from fancy, it's pretty simply, but it's creative and I like it that way.
Christmas has become too complicated and not about peace on earth, kindness and love toward others.

I have to take responsibility to make it Christmas in my life everyday, not just one day out of the year. I leave up some of my little Christmas ornaments to remind myself of this.

Today during this Advent season, December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women in Canada, it's important now, more than ever, with what's happening throughout the world, to remember to be an example of peace and to stand against injustice every day in whatever way we can.

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