Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Beauty and the Misery - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Forever

I've been a recovering alcoholic going on soon for 23 years January 2nd. I also recently came to terms with accepting and understanding that I have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

 Being creative I've been a sensitive type, and creating art has been a great outlet that helped me immeasurably to work through the sorrows and stress in my life. My body has a physical memory of Christmases past and I've made a conscious connection with this being the reason I have an innate sadness during this time of year, that is apparently supposed to be filled with happiness, while singing songs of joy and peace.

But that isn't the reality for many people this time of year. Instead of trying to pretend our way through, it's important to acknowledge and express our feelings,  let them go and then we can hopefully get on with what there is to really be happy about because there's a whole lot to be grateful for, every day.

I heard an old song this morning on the radio, like the schmaltzy sentimental ones our parents would listen to at Christmas, sung by guys like Perry Como. The song was, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Forever. Here are the lyrics below which speak about love and peace, friends and loved ones being near.

I wish it could be Christmas forever,
I wish that glow would never fade away!
With friends and loved ones near us,
'Round the Christmas tree so tall,
We hear the church bells ringing,
Dear Lord, bless us one and all!
I know I'd be content now and forever,
If those Christmas lights would sparkle every day,
There'd be candy canes and mistletoe,
Children singing carols we know (singing carols we know,)
If love and peace on earth would always stay,
I know it could be Christmas every day!


I'm one of those folks that wishes it could be Christmas forever, because I wish and pray there could be love and peace in this old world, as opposed to hate and violence. The hypocrisy of in the world, consumerism and commercialism becomes so apparent at Christmas. It can get oppressive and leave many wishing that it would all would simply disappear, because you see just how much needless suffering and adversity there is for no reason. It often makes no sense in the world and not enough of us care to do something about it, nor do we feel that we can do anything about it.

I think why so many of us are so nostalgic about Christmas, and long for the traditions of the past, is because Christmas is not the same as it once was, and we know it. People don't pay enough attention these days, to it's real meaning.

Yes there is much beauty in the world, and there is much misery, and it's no different at Christmas, but it does become even more poignantly obvious.

If I try my best to bring love and peace into this world everyday, my hope and prayer is, that it'll bring Christmas a little closer to that forever place...

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