Saturday, January 30, 2016

How Art School Helped Me Survive

There are as many reasons people become artists, just as there are those who become lawyers and mechanics etc. For me I believe the most contributing factor that caused me to be an artist, was always being allowed and encouraged to learn. The desire to learn and having a natural curiosity was innate, as it is in all children. My family knew this to be true and nurtured my curiosity, sense of play, and imagination.

Being drawn to creating things at a young age, my creativity was always encouraged and valued greatly. I was never told, no dear, you don't want to pursue art because that will never lead to gainful employment or a real job.

When I decided to attend art school and was accepted, it was a very happy, exciting day that my family and I celebrated. They supported me completely. Getting a job after University was the last thing from my mind, although I always worked during and after completing school. I was going because I knew this was where I belonged. Creativity was a huge part of who I was and what I wanted to pursue. My family believed in me and imparted that belief, causing me to believe in myself, which enabled me find my own creative path.

In art school I learned to develop a thick skin, to be resourceful and adaptable, in order to survive life's challenges. I eventually thrived and became my own individual. I was comfortable in my own skin, as a result of learning to think creatively, which I held onto throughout my life.

When life was at it's lowest point, being able to express my feelings through my artwork was one of the best kinds of therapy and still is. It helped me to cope with whatever I was going through. Creativity enabled me to adapt to whatever situation I found myself in, and to learn amazing life lessons in a kind of living learning lab.

 Creative growth helped to me to fulfill and understand my sense of universal growth needs. I came to understand how important it is to belong to a community, to have independence, a sense of achievement and empathy.

I do believe that art school helped me to survive the future and to eventually thrive.

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