Sunday, January 17, 2016

Are You Wired to Create?

I love learning about creativity, and hearing others opinions about what it means to them. Psychologist Dr.Scott Barry Kaufman had lots of great information about creativity, given during the interview on CBC Spark with Nora Young.

Much of what he said, affirmed many points that I apply in my daily life, such as the importance of taking time to day dream, reflection on the inner world, having solitude, and how creativity comes out of adversity, confusion and chaos. These are all important dimensions of my creative path.

I especially took note of something I'd never heard of, what he called post traumatic growth, giving the example of how creativity came out of Frida Kahlo's inner life, who experienced so much physical pain and trauma. Kaufman dispels the myth surrounding the so called tortured artist, but made the point that every one suffers, and referenced the Buddhist proverb, how we suffer 10,000 sorrows and 10,000 joys. Artists are no different.

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