Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Conversation Versus Connection - ``I`d Rather Text Than Talk``

Over the past few months, I`d written a blog post on the subject of what has been coined as being a new word in the zeitgeist, called "phubbing". I don't know who came up with that one, but I rather liked it, because it adequately described what I`d been experiencing. Phubbing describes that thing that happens when someone ignores you, tunes you out and focuses nothing else but their cell phone. It really annoy`s me, and I find it insulting in that it`s as if the person you are trying to talk with, couldn`t care less about you. It`s all about their relationship with their phone.

 I don`t have a cell phone. There have been times I wished I had one, but the more I learn about the negative affects from this form of connection with our devices, the more convinced I am that I don`t want one, nor do I need one.

I have always had an interest in language, social interaction, philosophy, and psychology. Our contemporary digital age has changed everything, which has got some great advantages, but I`ve noted that the most concerning negative repercussionit has also changed our relationships and social interactions that has begun to disturb me.

I heard Sherry Turkle interviewed about her book entitled Reclaiming Conversation on a radio interview yesterday. She clarified for me why I should be disturbed and explained what this obsession with our devices is doing to our relationships and our ability to be empathetic human beings.

 I also found this talk she gave about this today and have posted the youtube video below. I think it`s a real opener.
 I do believe we need to make face to face, real eye ball to eyeball conversation our focus, not connection if you want to be empathetic human beings.

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