Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trust God, Clean House, Help Others

 Something strange happened today. I spent four hours cleaning out my basement. It might not sound strange to many, but believe me this is something I've long procrastinated on doing for years, and it's become like an albatross around my neck.

A cluttered house, is a cluttered mind and it can directly affect creativity I believe. It certainly does mine, because my messes, mess with my mind, leaving me feeling waves of depression and unmotivated.

 This is the second time something like this has happened in the past two weeks. I cleaned out a back storage/laundry room last week, which also took me hours. I'm not sure how this happened. I can only attribute it to writing it down in my journal in the form of prayer, and trusted that God would help me.
Then the notion to get it done struck, I put the time and energy into it, until it was done. I'm sure it isn't that simple, and believe me I worked my arse off this afternoon, and the time before that, but maybe it is just that simple. I just know I can't sit around waiting for inspiration. Like Chuck Close says, inspiration is for amateurs.

  I'm tried as hell with an aching back, but I'm feeling lighter and encouraged to know that I got this big job accomplished.

 When it comes to big cleaning jobs, I am the queen of procrastination. Perhaps I am finally making progress in overcoming this character defect, that I've been working at now for a long time.

I have one major project left to accomplish, cleaning out the garage. It always feels good to do Spring cleaning just before Winter begins.

 Getting these big cleaning jobs done I think is a good metaphor for life, and in comes down to my recovery tools like the slogan, trust god, clean house, help others.

The lesson affirmed for me today, is once again about motivation, and how this relates to procrastination. The longer I procrastinate the less motivated I am to get things done. Once I stop procrastinating and do what needs doing, my motivation increases and I can keep going.

 Procrastination like alcoholism is a similar kind of illness. I needed to trust God, take a personal inventory and to help others in order to keep what was so freely given to me. I continue to do these things, living my life clean, sober and motivated one day at a time, for almost 22 years now come January 2nd 2016.


thesycamoretree said...

I can so relate to a messy outside reflecting a messy, mental inside! My husband (also in recovery) and I reflect both sides of the slogan "Easy Does It, But Do It!" I'm the one ready to have everything done by daybreak, and he's the one who procrastinates. We help balance each other out. :D Good on you for getting rid of clutter and getting organized! And congrats on your upcoming birthday. :)

Unknown said...

Awww thanks Bev,I really appreciate your comment. Wow it was a huge chore that basement. I have the garage to do starting tomorrow, but I've done it lots of times, so it's not so daunting, then a few spare rooms full of old art projects when I was busy with school a few years back, and clothes I no longer wear.

Best thing for getting in cleaning and organizing mode is when there are going to be people in your house! I have work that is going to be done to my house in the next eight weeks so this is a great motivator!

My grand mother was a complete COD cleaning freak and judged others accordingly. My mother rebelled and I'm a combo of both I think, were I've gone from one extreme to another back and forth.

Well you are both fortunate to keep one another in check. When you are a procrastinator and live alone it can be like the house blew up!