Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ron Hynes Man of a Thousand Songs

Ron Hynes - Photo Justin Hall

Two days ago, Thursday November 19th 2015, Canada lost a great singer song writer/musician, and human being, Ron Hynes. It's hard to know how to express the sadness that pervades the Maritimes and especially in Newfoundland/Labrador at the loss of a such an individual.

There are certain people in this world that grab your heart and soul. Ron Hynes is definitely one of those. He did this through his artistry as a lyricist and song writer, but also I think most people recognized his rigorous honesty with himself and with others and he touched people deeply.

It makes me happy and grateful  to know he found his own recovery in life, and all the gifts that he left behind will never be forgotten. Recovering people everywhere like Ron, who learned how to save themselves from themselves one day at a time, understanding what he lost, but more importantly understand what he gained in recovery, and the legacy he has left behind, that will live on forever, and will continue to touch hearts and souls alike.

This documentary, I found on CBC Absolutely Canadian, Man of a Thousand Songs, I think you'll agree, says it all.

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