Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Creative Brain In The Frying Pan of Life - Oww Vs Wow

Learning a new skill means I have to have someone show me, I try it out, and then I have to practice, practice, practice. I was fortunate to have a mother that gave me music lessons as a kid, and so I learned about skill unconsciously. Once I became conscious of the mechanics of a skill, it helped me a lot in later life. I can be a slow learner, and that's ok as long as I'm learning, because I love life learning.

This post is a continuation of yesterday's, because I am learning the new skill of exercising and how to grow my "Wow Brain".
I thought this picture depicted a good expression of how I feel about my 'Oww Brain', like I am a prisoner of my own brain. I'm not sure who's painting it is. I'm thinking the highly imaginative, talented, funny, and skilled artist  Mark Byran.

Since yesterday, I've been absorbing and contemplating very intently, about Canadian, (yes he's ours!), Todd Herman's eye-poppin, eye-opening explanation of the 'Oww Brain' and the 'Wow Brain'. Todd says, we are all in possession of both aspects of this brain at different times, on a genetic, and hormonal level. The great news is, we can turn things around once we understand how our brain cells work with all those endorphins and dopamine swishin' around. Well isn't that a great thing to find out! Honestly, it was the big aha and eureka moment for me yesterday, after seeing Todd's video on Marie TV.

For those of you who don't want to watch the video, but I suggest you do watch it , a couple of times, cause humans a real good at forgettin', but regardless, let me explain the highlights.

The oww brain or the pain brain I'll call it for now, can kick in when we are trying to make a change in a habit for the better, we protest and say eww! This hurts. We're stuck, bored and want to stay in our safe warm place.

Flip that big gray matter over in the big fryin' pan of life, and we have the wow or pleasure brain. Wowweewoowow! Now were talkin', the fun brain I'll call it, which says, Oh yeah baby! Bring it on! All about the feelin' good.

When that fun brain is workin' it, it's all about Growth, Confidence, and Adventure. Now this is where the magic happens. Now I know it's not exactly magic, but science, though it feels like magic it to me, because it is so darn exciting to know the facts, and to have the knowledge to change ourselves and our lives for the positive. Finally it really does feel like, everything IS really figureoutable, as Marie Forleo's mama says.
God bless our mamas!

So here's the best part.

When Growth and Confidence overlap this gives us Momentum and we get unstuck.

When Confidence and Adventure overlap this gives us Excitement, the opposite of boredom.

When Growth and Adventure overlap this gives us Transformation and at this point we have left our safe warm place.

This brain mash up results in Leadership.
So hopefully all this will help my creative brain to go from the frying pain into the fire in a good way of course.

My Wow Brain - Catherine Meyers

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