Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Levi Bettweiser - Building a 4x5 Bender View Camera

Levi Bettwieser's Bender 4x5 View Camera

Wow! I really love it when I can find real special artists who have a great story about themselves, and are so passionate about the art they make.

Levi Bettwieser is one such photographer. He has an incredible camera collection, and much of his own photographs are taken with the view camera.

Levi Bettwieser- Camera Collection

 If you have a passion for photography, you will love what this man does, and has done. One particular project he undertook was http://www.rescuedfilm.com/ which involves rescuing rolls of film.What he found is remarkable.

Having had the privilege of being taught by a great heuristic teacher  I learned the satisfactions, rewards and the challenges to be found in photography. In particular, I developed the deep appreciation of large format, black and white photographs taken with a 4"x5" view camera.

When I was studying at Mount Allison University, photography became my nemesis, in that I loved and hated it, at the same time. Being a painter and not a technically minded, I finally had to face this fact, and I let go of my technical study of photography, to focus solely on my painting. That certainly has never lessened my passion for the traditional and contemporary photograph or photographer.

The other project Levi Bettwieser took pursued was building a view camera . He found a Bender 4x5 building kit and painstakingly proceeded to build it.

Levi Bettwieser just blew my mind, and I think he will yours too.

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