Friday, February 6, 2015

Marie Forleo's B-School and My Oww Brain

I'm not one to be a groupie of online or TV personalities, but I felt strongly that I wanted to post, a person I found out about a few months back, Marie Forleo. She has an infectious enthusiasm, high energy, an big open creative heart, a real funny sense of humour and heaps of practical wisdom.

I wanted to blog about her simply because I like her personality, and I wanted others to know who she is, if they don't already. She has much to offer anyone wanting to improve or change their life, and to creatively build upon or improve their business skills. I must have really been out of the loop to have not known about her before now. But better late than never.

 Marie is presently offering some free videos, you just might find very worth while, and if you decide that you want to go on further, you can, with what she calls, Marie Forleo B-School. Hope you tune in, and check out her website, She has really helpful videos she sends every Tuesday. I really look forward to these every week, and enjoy them immensely.
I just finished watching the first B-School free video ( free is good). I took notes! Good practical, detailed information you can use.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon watching some videos about Marie Forleo, and then one she'd done on Marie TV with Todd Herman Five Steps To Change Your Life and Make It Stick. Eek! I found out when it comes to exercise right now, I have a big Oww brain!That hurts!

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