Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Days

The Fool - Catherine Meyers

I painted for five hours today. I can't paint steady for that many hours straight, nor should I, because it's not good for the 'ole bod'.
My friend interviewed Mary Pratt not long ago, whom I love, and she was all crippled up with arthritis from sitting for so many hours continuously. It's easy to loose track of time when you are engrossed in painting, and before you know it, hours have passed. Once you get going it is hard to pull yourself away. But the best thing for me is to pace myself.

I like to paint in the afternoon, I write in the mornings and sometimes later at night, like now. My routine is to I always listen CBC Radio and have done this for many years. It's what I love about the radio you can always do other things, much better than T.V.

This first painting of my series 'The Fool' is taking longer than I thought, which is fine because I don't want to hurry the process, and I'm not on a deadline which feels good. I think I forgot how long egg tempera takes using my itsy bitsy painting brushes, and tiny marks. But I am getting anxious to finish it. I have more things to fix and add, which I will start tomorrow.
It was a good day today.

"The days you work are the best days"...  Georgia O'Keeffe

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