Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finding the Right Stuff - Marie Forleo

I've been focusing on changing my habits, and especially in relation to my creativity and getting things done, because I want to get some serious stuff accomplished in 2015. I'm not interested in resolutions, but I am wanting to change and improve upon my thinking and my habits.

I have a life long friend Cliff Eyland, who recently had a commission to produce 5000 tiny paintings that were recently installed in the newly built Halifax Public Library. I listened to an couple of interviews  he had on CBC. One was of particular interest to me with Nora Young, on one of my favourite CBC Radio programs Spark.

Nora Young asked Cliff how he managed to produce so many paintings. He attributed it to the daily habit of creating a painting everyday. This work habit enables him to create a large amount of work, over a period of time.

Everyone works differently I know, and painting everyday may not be your forte. I do believe however that it is essential to have some kind of creative daily habit, whether it be painting, drawing, writing or whatever creative outlet you choose. Daily writing everyday has changed my life, and has become an essential part of my creative process and practice.

I'm not one to get into media personalities unless I really believe they have something important to say, perhaps not everything, all the time, but most of the time, I will listen, if the information they relay is pertinent.
I can't remember how I found out about Marie Forleo, but I subscribe to her site, and really look forward to her videos, which are helpful and entertaining. So after watching this particular video this morning I decided to share what she has to say, because it relates to habits, creative habits and the 'right stuff.' I hope you find it helpful.

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