Saturday, January 3, 2015

“If You Speak For the Trees, You Speak For All of Nature,” - Diana Beresford

Heart of the Dragon - Beth Moon

 I guess some might call me a tree hugging fringe hippie from the 60s if they knew how much I loved trees. Truth is, I was not old enough to be a full fledged hippie, but I sure wanted to be and tried my best.

My love of trees has deepened over the years, and became more than a fascination, that really deepened after hearing Diana Beresford-Kroeger talk about trees on a CBC podcast a few years back. It was then I was completely enchanted, hooked and in awe of her knowledge and wisdom. When I think of trees my thoughts go to The Tree of Life, to friendship, and to life itself.

Today I found out about a magnificent photographer, Beth Moon, who also has a passion for ancient trees, ancient cultures, the natural world and for platinum photography.

Beth Moon traveled to the Horn of Africa, to the island of Socotra.. There she photographed trees, 500 years old that are other worldly, and are so beautiful beyond imagination where she found native animals and over 700 plant species exisitng no where else on earth.

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