Monday, October 13, 2014

" Not My Circus, Not My Monkey "

" Not My Circus Not My Monkey "- Polish Proverb

I love words of wisdom and proverbs. I listen and watch for things said, in conversations that I consider insightful, and in the future can be a useful tool for living.

I subscribe to a wonderful site from Rabbi Brain Mayer. He has something he calls, " Wisdom Biscuits " , from  Religion Outside The Box. If your looking for some good spiritual wisdom, as opposed to religious dogma gobbledygook I highly recommend it.

I read this one today from Rabbi Brian. Along with the quote from the Austrian-Bohemian poet, Rainer Maria Rilke.

 " Not my circus, not my monkey ". Such a great Polish proverb. Figuratively speaking it means simply, it's not my problem.

 Any one who knows what it's like to be a caretaker can identify with being rather preoccupied with the problems and concerns of others, and being drawn into situations that really aren't your concern or issue. I know I certainly have in the past.

This is a good one to write down on a post-it note to keep at the forefront of you mind, just in case you are tempted to join someone else's circus!

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