Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Doug Copeland - Kitten Clone

Doug Coupland is a great guy, pretty darn handsome too. Look at those piercing steel gray eyes! I could listen to him, and his intelligent ramblings all day. I've only read a couple of his books, Generation X, his first book, and I can't remember the other, or maybe there wasn't another :( Truthfully I rather listen to him talk than read his books.

Doug Coupland is a curious combination of intellectual, humourist, gifted artist, and a kind of sage-like visionary. I would compare him to a much more interesting modern day Marshall McLuhan with big creative artistic twist, and having great insight into our contemporary culture.

His new book about the internet and Alcatel-Lucent, entitled Kitten Clone. He was on the current this morning and as usual he did not disappoint, and I going out to get his latest book Kitten Clone!
Here's the link to this Anna Maria Tremonti's interview with Doug Coupland on The Currrent.

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