Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Art of Mark Bryan

The New Normal - Mark Bryan

 I first came across Mark Bryan's work online a number of years ago. His work makes me laugh our loud, and I love that. It is funny, disturbing, thought provoking, and frankly, I think brilliant. His imaginative satirical  renderings cut to the quick, make you question ' normal,' and will set you on your ass when you first see his work, because it is are honest commentary about his observations of the crazy mixed up world we live in.

 Although the presentations and executions of his subject are very humourous, the subject matter under the surface are often not so funny, in that many of the topics are serious.

Mark Bryan has the talent and ability to express what I think many of us feel, about the state of the world and the many monkeys in it.

Mark Byran reminds me of Michael Moore, or maybe the Lewis Black of the art world, honest; real, with an intelligent social conscience, all wrapped up in satire and funny. God only knows we need more of this kind of individual in society.

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