Friday, September 12, 2014

Judith Joseph

I first met Judith Joseph online on this site http://www.egg 
I was very excited to see her work and have been a great fan of hers ever since and have great admiration and appreciation for her talent, skill  and especially her passion for creating the most beautiful Ketubahs. She is a beautiful human being, humble and gracious.


Judith Joseph said...

Dear Catherine,
I am honored to be featured on your blog! Thank you for sharing the video about my work. Keep doing all the wonderful things you do! p.s. I love your Skeleton Woman painting-- enigmatic and beautiful!
your friend in art,

Unknown said...

Judith it was my absolute pleasure. I think is it wonderful and amazing the work you do. Just beautiful and so meaningful!

Thank you for you kind comments. Blessing to you always and to the work you do.

Your friend,