Saturday, September 27, 2014

Art 21

Graciela Iturbide
When I went back to University as a mature student, at Mount Allison University to finish my Bachelor of Fine Art degree, I watched a whole lot of Art 21 in class. I loved these videos, and it was one of the best  parts of my art education. A particular artist I saw on Art 21, was one of my teachers at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design back in the 70s.

Looking back, it really was a wonderful experience generally, to have had the opportunity to be taught by visionary artists, and teachers, like Krzysztof Wodiczko , Jeff Wall, Dan Loomis, Huge Leroy, John Clark, Tom Klink, Eric Fischl, Ken Pittman, Harold Pearse, just to name a few. Yes, I know they are all men. That's the way it was generally, back in the early 70s. However, it is this fact this helped to shape me into the feminist I am today.. Many women at NSCAD were right on the front lines of the second wave of feminism then, with the influences of such artists like, Miriam Shipiro, Joyce Wieland and Martha Rosler.

I still love to watch Art 21, and am really looking forward to seeing what is in the new line up for Season 7. Especially artist Graciela Iturbide who documented photographs about Frida Kahlo. As well, the documentary entitled, The Two Virginias  featuring photographer Sally Mann . Mann reflects on the woman who raised her, Virginia Franklin Carter.
These women, Frida Kahlo and Sally Mann, are two of my favourite artists, whom I admire greatly.
It warms my heart to see how women mentor one another.

                                                               Virginia Franklin Carter,

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