Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Louise Bourgeois- Studio/Home

Louise Bourgeois

Barely getting my first cup of coffee down, and having half my hair braided, I found this fantastic post about Louise Bourgeois. I think I must have intuitively knew it was waiting for me.
I increasingly love to read more and more what new posts have been blogged, on the list that I subscribe to. Sometimes I don't bother to have an close look, but for whatever reason I was compelled to do this immediately this morning, and I am so happy I did!

I remember very clearly learning about Louise Bourgeois, in one of my all time favourite Art History classes, that focused on 'women artists.' I wasn't a great fan of her Louise Bourgeois' sculpture work, but I was definitely impressed, and amazed. I was struck and fascinated by her personality, and was left wanting to know more about her. She seemed mysterious and troubled, but not a lot of information was really known about her in the context of art history. I see now, that she was a mature age before she got a lot of professional recognition within the art world. I knew Louise Bourgeois had a trouble childhood, and her work was some what rather dark and disturbing to me. I am not saying that this is a negative thing, my subjective opinion is not that relevant. I appreciate her now, in a fuller and more expanded way, having learned more about her.

This blog post I read this morning, is an article written by Lucy Davies, who visited her town house in NYC where Louise Bourgeois lived and had her studio. It is very insightful, and intimately reveals a lot about her personality, and what a remarkable artist, and woman she was.
Germaine Greer wrote an excellent article as well for the Guardian in 2010.
I believe it is necessary to know about an artist's personality, and what influenced them, as it gives a deeper appreciation and understanding of their art, and helps you to have more objective and balanced opinion regarding the artist's work.

 I am so glad I subscribe to this particular blog because I have had the opportunity to finally learn more about Louise Bourgeois.
Louise died at the age of 98 in 2010.

Artist - Louise Bourgeois - 1989

  "I am lucky to have been brought up by a mother who was a feminist and fortunate enough to have married a husband who was a feminist, and I have raised sons who are feminists."
                                                                                 - Louise Bourgeois

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