Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Tour!

Well I've been busy working part-time and trying to get ready for an up coming exhibit at Struts Artist Run Centre and Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick, June 2nd -15th. Next week! The opening reception will be on June 3rd, day before my birthday.
Spring is a rather overwhelming time so much to do, in and outside of the house. But I'm just doing what I can and taking it all just one day at a time. The warm weather has been very slow in getting here in this part of the world. Today on an afternoon CBC Radio program I heard someone call this month of weather Junuary! Oh boy. Not that cold, but sure as heck not very warm! Furnaces and wood stoves are still being fired up, sweaters and wool socks are also being worn! Any who...

Just this week, I was contacted by a dear online friend, Indigene Theresa Gaskin a prolific, talented and beautiful, insightful and  very vibrant artist. She asked  if I would be interested in participating in a Blog Tour. Apparently this has been happening for sometime now online. It gives you the opportunity to meet other women artists by visiting their blog and  maybe subscribing  to see what is going on in their studios. What a fantastic idea! Wished I'd thought of it!!! Such a positive and uplifting  thing to participate in! God knows we need that right now.
It's a wonderful way for women artists to connect, network and support one another, plus see a lot of great art! 

And so Indigene forwarded me questions to answer and here they are!

What am I working on?

Presently I am doing a series of Jelly Moulds from a 1920 - 1930 recipe book, Davis Dainty Dishes
​" Charlotte Russe " Egg Tempera on ceramic tile, 6' x 6", 2014
Charlotte Russe was mentioned on the BBC series " Downton Abbey " as being a " lovely pudding"

" Carrrington Mould " Egg Tempera on ceramic tile, 6" x 6', 2014
​" Pavlova " Egg Tempera on ceramic tile, 6" x 6". 2014

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
There aren't many painters around using egg tempera these days. I expect because there are few people that are schooled in this technique.

Why do I write/create what I do?

Writing for me is an essential part of my creative process. It greases the creative wheel so to speak. and keeps the creative flow going writing taps into the intuitive source, involving the mind, body, and spirit. It is very much a meditation, contemplation, reflection, prayer and a clearing away the psychic rubbish in my mind, so I have a clarity of thought and open channels to creativity.
I have been journaling long hand for over 30 years.
Primarily my work subject matter lies in exploring the Wild Woman, the Crone, based on story telling, and cultural myths. I also like to just have fun with my subject matter incorporating humour.

Wolf Woman - 12" x  8" egg tempera on wood panel 2011-12

Wolf Woman - 12" x  8" egg tempera on wood panel 2011-12

Wild Woman - Singing Over The Bones, egg tempera on wood panel, 2011-2012
How does your writing/creating process work?

My writing is a three page journal entry consisting of random stream of thought. I usually write first thing in the morning, long hand and then I blog online which are specific posts about art, artists and creativity.
My art blog I began in 2008, as an exploration of what it means to me to live creatively.
 I am primarily a painter, using egg tempera medium.

 I graduated as a mature student with my BFA from Mount Allison University in 2012 and attended the Nova Scotia College of  Art & Design for approximately four years in the early 70s.

The two other women I have chosen for this blog tour are Julia Speer who I met online some time ago. She is a wonderfully gifted and passionate artist, art educator and teacher. Julia facilitates women's retreats in Georgia USA, and is a deep kind of thinker.

Judith Joseph is a remarkable artist, who is very versatile and her specialty is intricately detailed Ketubah ( Hebrew illuminated marriage contracts, that are illustrated using calligraphy) for Jewish weddings.
The blog tour is open to anyone, but personally I have a great passion learning about other women artists, as I find them inspiring as women and as artists. I hope you enjoy these blogs written by these three women I have linked too, as much as I do.


Indigene Theresa said...

Catherine, thank you for participating in this blog tour. I've learned so much about you and your creative process. I like knowing more about the artist because it always makes me view the art with new eyes!

Unknown said...

Oh it was my great pleasure Indigene! And I know I speak for Judith and Julia both, who were most excited and enthusiastic to participate! It was a great thing! I hope we get to do it again!

Yes it is I think essential people understand the artist as it gives insight into their work for sure!

Thank you so much for inviting me to participate there were a lot of views!