Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Shack Wackiness Aversions ...

No internet for me this month again...too much month at the end of the money. After visiting a friend I joked that I was needing to remind myself again why I was an artist.
 It was a no brainer when I was left with the option of choosing between food and my phone and online connection. Knowing my addictive personality I am accutely aware of how tempting it was to pay that bill so I'd have my internet and phone connection again, however wasn't relishing the idea of eating dust sandwiches for the remainder of the month. And so I will take advantage of the opportunity to come visit the local library,  use the internet, get out of the house to socialize, and daily channel my creative energy, doing the remaining egg tempera paitings of Celtic Totems. I intend to take them to the local Farmers Christmas market to sell for the much needed cash. These are the preliminary under ink paintings I have posted.

There are days when I face the question, why I am an artist, and I go on the hunt for answers I know exist that affirm, sustain and erase my doubt. Today I found such re-affirmation, confirmation and inspiration in the artist Eden Maxwell. I ordered his book here at the library entitled , An Artist Empowered.
Horse Totem
Eagle Totem

Sea Horse Totem

Wren Totem
Fish Totem
                           "Art is a vision of God created in the material world."

                                                                                    - Eden  Maxwell

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