Thursday, October 25, 2012

Imagination Averts Shack Wackiness

Fox Totem
Cat Totem
Stag/Deer Totem
Snake Totem
Bull Totem
Swan Totem
Butterfly Totem
Wolf Totem
I am happy to know I will be reconnected to my home internet, and phone next week! I finally have my car fixed, which is working better than ever and have averted becoming completely shack wacky. It is times like this that I am so grateful I am an artist and have CBC Radio to listen to, because it fills my day with a sense of comfort, purpose and CBC Radio can be so educational, enlightening and stimulates my imagination.

I am posting my newest egg tempera paintings of Celtic animal totems, done on small four inch ceramic tiles. It's been an enjoyable, relaxing, creative process, not having to be too cerebral about my subject matter.

Last week I heard a wonderful Ideas program on CBC radio about  imagination that was inspiring and very thought provoking and reaffirmed my own belief of how essentially significant and necessary imagination and creativity are to our lives.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear my old mime teacher on the radio, who ran the, Mime School Unlimited in the late 70s in Toronto Ontario. Ron East was an Ideas guest, speaking about the topic and was fascinated to know he was now obtaining his PhD in the study of neuroscience, imagination and the creative process.


Judith Joseph said...

I like these, Catherine! I especially like the Cat Totem. As an egg tempera painter, I appreciate how you have really utilized the characteristics of egg tempera to build a very rich background. Well done!

Unknown said...

Oh thank you so much Judith. Your opinion means a lot! Sometimes I feel like I am working in a vacuum, as I've had to teach myself, even in the Fine Art Department at the University I graduated from. However I think there is much to said said for learning by doing. As always thank you for your comments Judith!

Indigene said...

Oh Catherine, these are marvelous! I love animal totems and these in egg tempera are wonderfully unique. I got so giggly when I read your post title, :) :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Indigene.
Yes well I am very familiar with shack wackiness having lived in the Northern Canada and now in the Nova Scotian boonies, where we have to come out of the woods to hunt! Nothing quite compares to the shack wackiness commonly referred to as cabin fever of the NWT.