Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Work Fall 2010 - Drawing

I've neglected my blog among other  matters in daily life I confess.

The ongoing challenge of prioritizing goals while attending university full time is a learning experience. Between trying to solve sculptural projects, figuring out the logistics of getting Winter tires, preventing science projects from growing in my kitchen and having an eyeball go wonky on me all at the same time is  great fun, much like  having monkeys fly out your butt!  I'm sure when it's all done I'll laugh and sing gleefully and wish for these day again perhaps?  Mmmm  na a, don't think, but who knows. I am certain though,I will be a better person for it.

So here are some of my art endeavors this past term.

Note: I  have come to the conclusion I may have my moments of maturity but will never be  never be grown up! I refuse!

These drawings are what I call re-invented cosmology. The project was to be an invented cosmology however considering some of these ideas already exist within cultures, they are my personal expression and interpretation of what is called " The Tree Of Life ."

The Sacred Tree
Kabala Tree Of Life

Arabic Acacia Tree

Celtic Tree Of Life

Rowan Tree
Celtic Tree Of Life Knot


Celestial Elf said...

Great Paintings, I thought you might like my machinima film
The Tree Of Life, Bright Blessings ~

Catherine Meyers said...

Thank you for your comments Celestial Elf!

I enjoyed this project immensely, all the different interpretations of "The Tree of Life". I will certainly check out your film! Thank you for stopping by!

Catherine Meyers said...

Celestial Elf,

Your film was lovely! I loved it! Thank you I would love to see more of you work!