Monday, May 15, 2017

The Love of a Family Accordion

Many people feel they're just unlucky, with a dark cloud hanging over their head, or the majority of life is spent living in problems, being overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, left wondering why things never seem to work out. Happiness and contentment appear elusive.

I certainly know some folks get more than their share of misery, and it's hard to figure out why, because it seems so unfair. I admit when I was younger happiness eluded me, and I just couldn't figure out how to get it.

It was only when I accepted that I had to let go instead of holding on, attempting to force solutions, that ultimately I couldn't control or manage. I was out of control, and my life had become unmanageable. Fear and anxiety were often my default, and I let that dictate my behaviour and reactions.

I don't have any superstitious bones and don't believe so much in luck, but I do believe in the power of prayer. This certainly doesn't mean that I get what I want. More often I get what I need, and I'm not always happy about the outcome.

What has made all the difference, is acceptance, which has been the key to my happiness and contentment, regardless of my circumstance. Now mostly I control my fear and anxiety it doesn't control me, and I exercise courage.

Creativity and courage go hand in hand and is a way of life that I believe exists within the spiritual realm.

Within the last two weeks, I've had an unusual run of things happen that are all very positive and frankly if I was the superstitious kind, I might say this has been a streak of luck, or I might be holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But I think most has been a result of prayer, grace, and acts of love.

The most important lesson I've learned is to live a creative life by opening my mind and heart with a willing, open spirit of trust, not devoid of fear, but with courage. It's only then that I pay attention, I become grateful, happy and content.
 Living creatively is a way of life. I can never expect that material gain will lead me to this spiritual realm, no matter what we think or gain materially.

I've also learned the more I try to hold on and force an outcome, the less control I have. I want and need to be open to the creative process in every aspect of living life fully.Instead of focusing on the outcome, I focus on the creative process.

The last thing on my two week list, that happened was having wonderful visit with my cousins, both of whom I hadn't really seen in many years. One of my cousins gave me her father's, (my late uncle and my late father's only brother),  his beautiful button accordion. Accordions have a long tradition in our family, and I took lessons as a kid when the accordion wasn't cool.

I've wanted one of these button accordions for so many years, but never ever imagined I'd be so generously and lovingly given this treasured family heirloom. Out of all the blessings I've been granted this one is so very special to me and I'm deeply touched, and so very grateful for the love of my cousins and creative family.

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