Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stop the Killing Enforce the Law

Silent Marchers - "No More Westrays" - Andrew Vaughan THE CANADIAN PRESS

In the Maritimes people have a long family history that dates back to the old country, where our ancestors once worked in European coal mines, including my own.

Today being the 25th year of the Westray mining disaster, it's a heart breaking reminder of the inherent danger that exists, being a coal miner, and whay it means to work in what my late great Czechoslovakian great aunt referred to the coal tunnels as being "rat holes", in the coal mine of Minto New Brunswick.

What's even more heart breaking and criminal, is the lack of compassion shown toward these workers and their families. The coal companies nor the government of the day seem concerned about nothing more than the economic bottom line, with no regard for the loss of life and the price paid by it's workers and their loved ones. At the time of this explosion and the investigation that followed, no one was ever criminally charged, nor held accountable for the Westray disaster.

In the months to follow the Westray Law was legislated but to this day seems to be less than effective according to the United Steel Workers.

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