Sunday, May 28, 2017

Snatam Kaur - Sacred Chants

Snatam Kaur

 I've had many thoughts lately about the elements of creativity, self-care, and curiosity this month. When I think about it, May is my favorite month of the year because it's the time of rebirth and a good time to contemplate these things.

 After having recently helped to co-facilitate a workshop pertaining to curiosity, it was and is a natural inclination to see the connection and the synchronistic relationship between curiosity, creativity and caring for ourselves.

Today I listened to Tapestry and heard a rebroadcast of a beautiful singer, Snatam Kaur. It's a good thing that CBC does re-broadcast their programs because I always seem to learn what I missed the first time around. Snatam Kaur sings quite like none other I've ever heard. She has an angelic voice, yes, but the songs she sings are powerful healing chants. These chants called kirtan, is a Sanskrit word meaning to narate, recite, tell or describe an idea or story, that can transcend and transform a person's life I believe.

During her interview on Tapestry, Snatam Kaur said something that deeply resonated with me about the greatest gift a mother and daughter can give to one another is taking care of themselves. Her creative work has a powerful transforming message if we take and make the time to listen.

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