Sunday, April 16, 2017

Where's My Easter Bonnet?

 Spring, the Easter Season and all that goes along with it, is my very favourite time of the year. I'm so grateful to be alive to celebrate rebirth and new growth. All nature is coming into it's own once again, lifts my spirit and fills me with thoughts of happiness and hope.

There are many things to pray for right now living in our troubled world, especially prayers for world peace.
I find myself praying for this more than anything else.

The one particular thing I wish for on a personal level, which to some will appear trivial and even silly but I always think about how I wish I could find an Easter Bonnet. I know this might seem like is a nostalgic left over from a my childhood and adolescence. But for me it was an important glue that edified and involved family, friends and a face to face, in the flesh social connection with our community,  a time when Easter was celebrated for spiritual reasons and it wasn't co-oped by commercialism with giant gross wax chocolate bunnies and copious amount of sugary candy brought by the big fictitious secular Easter Bunny.
 Capitalism, work and money has become what we mostly edify and value these days.

There are a group of individuals I think who haven't forgotten the meaning of Easter and celebrate accordingly. I wrote about a group of women in Nova Scotia that have continued the Easter traditions and I think you might call it having an "hattitude" of gratitude.

Happy Easter friends, pray for peace and may you find your own Easter Bonnet!

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