Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vimy Ridge - Captain Percival Anderson - Syria - Father Nadim Nassar

The Easter season, with the arrival of Lent, Palm Sunday and Good Friday and then Easter, always brings for me conflicted feelings of solemnity and hope.

The same feelings exist even more poignantly today remembering the 100 year anniversary and sacrifice at Vimy, remembering those is the Middle East and through out the world who suffer at the hands of war.

This Palm Sunday I intently listened to the story of Captain Percival William Anderson from Cape Breton who lost his life at age 32 fighting at Vimy Ridge,  followed by the Anglican Priest Father Nadim Nassar who has an impassioned message for the world and to all those who think that only wars make presidents.

"Today, we are remembering one of the most brutal battles in the first world war," he says. "Today, we should remember also what is happening in Syria is the most brutal civil war, proxy war, that happened in history." 
                                                       - Nadim Nassar

Captain Percival William Anderson

 "Arise to beauty, joy, peace, and work inspired by love. Arise from death to life anew,  for you do not need to fear even death."
                                                   - Look To This Day

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