Monday, January 2, 2017

The Cowboy With Hemorrhoids

 I once heard a fellow recovering alcoholic say that giving an alcoholic a medallion for sobriety is like giving a cowboy with hemorrhoids a medal for not getting on his horse.

Having been given a handful of medallions over the years, what I'm forever grateful for is all those in the program that have helped me to find my way to live  life through a fellowship second to none.

 I could never meaningfully apply my spiritual beliefs until recovery found me. Today, January 2nd 2017 marks twenty-three years of sobriety, which gave me back my life and I've been able to accomplish things I could never have imagined doing without the fellowship. I'm so grateful to have become the sober creative person I was meant to be, and without having a good sense of humour I'd be dead long in the water.

 Learning to carry only the weight of twenty-four hours, not dwelling on the past, not projecting into the future and really focusing on the present, has enabled me to leave unkindness and bitterness behind. Letting go of resentments, my sense of failure and disappointments have no place in my life now. I'm grateful to be moving forward  into this new year and into a new life with wisdom and strength that only comes from the God of my understanding.

Marsh Buddies - Catherine Meyers


thesycamoretree said...

Congrats on your birthday! I think marking our years helps those who are struggling with getting clean and sober; we show them that it is possible. I just celebrated one myself!

Unknown said...

Thank you Bev and Congratulations on your Birthday too! Definitely! It's why we celebrate I think I why we attend meetings, for the newcomer.