Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore

I'm saddened to hear that Mary Tyler Moore died. I spent all my youth watching and loving her on T.V. and  in film.

Like many young women growing up, there was so much for us to emulate about her. But mostly now, reflecting on her life, I clearly see she really was that real life woman, who made it after all, after having experienced so much hardship, loss and struggle. In spite of or perhaps because of this, she always remained so gracious, wise and beautiful.

The person she projected on screen, was very similar to who she was in reality and was always very easy to admire and love. She certainly was a woman of great talent, strength, wisdom, courage, honesty, humour and humility. The world sure needs more Mary Tyler Moores.

Rest in peace beautiful, kind soul.


thesycamoretree said...

I too have fond memories of watching her show; it was one of the first that showed a 'Nine of Pentacles' woman. :) She will be missed.

Unknown said...

Yes you are very right Bev. What a great observation and analogy. She was definitely a Nine of Pentacles woman!