Friday, October 28, 2016

Snow White and Frida Kahlo

When I turned 10 my mother had a birthday party for me. The best present ever then, was a Snow White watch and a very special small glass figurine of Snow White, that I treasured. She was my idol. I loved her. When I look back and ask myself what was it about her that made me love her so much? I think it was because I empathized with her, I identified with her tender heart. I guess I could say that I felt sorry for her because she was so alone, except for all those dwarfs. and all her animal friends in the forest.

My dear friend shared this meme today on Facebook. When I saw my two favourite heroine's, one from my childhood and the other now as an adult, artist Frida Kahlo. I kind of chuckled to myself and of course I couldn't help but post about this on my blog, not just because it's funny but because of this meme's serious message and made me think of Maureen Murdock's The Heroine's Journey. 

In chapter 8, Healing the Mother/Daughter Split, she opens the chapter with a quote from Madonna Kolbenschlag's book, Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye.

" The reality of our time in history requires that we reverse the pattern of the fairytales-we must go back, restore and integrate the suppressed masculine element."
                                       - Madonna Kolenschlag, Kiss Sleeping Beauty Goodbye

 I can speculate on why I loved Snow White so much. Maybe it was her humility, her kindness or hopeful attitude and spirit. This is really much of what I love about Frida Kahlo. But Frida had to face the reality of her death and she faced it head on, and there was no prince. I think she did this not in spite of these qualities, but she thrived because of her strength of character. This had nothing to do with a man, or did it? Regardless it changes nothing for me I still love Frida and a part of me, that little girl within my heart of hearts still loves Snow White too, and I wished I still had that special glass figurine.


Inner Whispers said...

That is a fabulous meme, thanks so much for sharing it! I had a similar experience recently, trying to re-read a book I had loved as a child: the Little White Horse. This time around, I couldn't stomach it! It felt like the way when I was a kid I loved the Sandra Dee character in Grease, but now I love Rizzo :D
As you say, though, Snow White still has a lot to offer us, with her generosity of spirit and openness to life. It's good not to forget those, either!

Unknown said...

I know it cracked me up and then it made me think, which is what good humour should do.

It's funny how certain things stay with us. When we want to try and revisit or re-create our experiences, sometimes we still feel much of the same thing and then other times we don't or we have the complete opposite reaction.

I agree with you. Snow White is still special to me because of the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for the affirmation Bev!