Friday, December 19, 2014

Something Exciting To Blog About!

Cliff in 1977,  nice galoshes!

I love it when I find something exciting to blog about. I need to feel passionate about what I post, but this time I'm more excited, because this post is about a long time friend of mine, Cliff Eyland. I have known Cliff, his mum, his dad, and his four siblings for close to fourty years. I remember spending many days of teenaged angst with Cliff, and our friends in his family's living room, drinking copious cups of tea, wondering as Cliff used to say, " Who am I? Where am I going? How much it was going to cost? "
At the time, I know Cliff said this statement as a joke, but behind the humour was some serious philosophic thinking I know. Cliff has always been a deep thinker, and a voracious reader.

Cliff's mum and dad, would always welcome our gang of teenagers full of ennui, contemplating life into their warm, safe home, day after day. Besides being able to comfortably relate and interact with Cliff's mum and dad, some of my other favourite things I remember, were listening to lots of music, spaghetti dinners, watching Stacie's Jamboree, and SNL.
There are many stories I could tell out of school, but Cliff has his own story to tell, about his art, that he can relay much better than I ever could. So, here is a CBC interview that Nora Young did with Cliff, on this week's episode of Spark, called Hanging 5,000 paintings the size of a smartphone at the new Halifax library.

I believe Cliff knows who he is, where he has gone, and how much it cost.
Ron would be very proud, as we all are.

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