Monday, December 1, 2014

Bruce Cockburn On Being Open To The Divine

"Openness to intimacy is a requirement for being open to the divine."
--  Bruce Cockburn

When was about 17 years old I was first introduced to Bruce Cockburn's music. He is a gifted lyricist, an exceptionally talented musician, and a spiritual, humble, human being.

I always felt spiritually transcended by his songs. I would be transported to a spiritual place of comfort, and solace, that I couldn't find amid my teenaged filled angst, and chaotic life.

 I have been blessed to have had the experience of seeing Bruce Cockburn perform acoustically on two occasions, and his performance went far beyond my expectations.

Many years ago, when I was commuting home for the weekend, from University in Halifax, he sat in the seat in front of me. To this very day, I so regret never having the gumption to speak to him. But everything I thought of saying, I felt I'd just embarrass myself,, and so, I just sat there star stuck and frozen in silence, busting at the seams with excitement in great admiration of my idol.

I've followed his career from early beginnings, and was thrilled to hear a great interview with Bruce Cockburn today, on The Next Chapter, about his new memoir entitled Rumours of Glory.

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