Sunday, March 30, 2014

Slow Communication

Well this is going to be a challenge to write this post. My Internet connection will not allow me to load pages. Fortunately, I have recently acquired  a router and an iPod. So here I am feeling like I am typing with big paws. But I am determined to post, as I haven't had a use of my desk top since Wednesday, when we had our doozy of a Spring storm. This process of having to write on such a  small device is slow, and makes my thoughts the same. It is a disciplined, meditative exercise.

   Lately I've been hand writing many long letters. Besides being a rare thing few people do, in this technical age , where such a cacophony of devices are available to us; writing letters in cursive is a way to think about what it is we want to say. Our writing and our thoughts are more in tune. Much the what it is like when using an iPod to write a post! My typing sure as heck is not faster than my thoughts on an iPod!

Writing letters is slow communication, a gift that we can give to those we love , and a tangible gift we can give that demonstrates we care and value our friendships, and relationships. These relationships, in my opinion, are what gives our lives real meaning. But we have to slow down enough to take the time, to take time. I firmly believe slow communication will not only improve our relationship with ourselves, it will strengthen the relationship and bond we have with others. It also can help to fulfill our greatest human need, the sense of belonging. 

Here is an article about slow communication, by the Wall Street Journal, entitled Not So Fast.  I haven't figured out all the cut , paste and link high lighting tools on this new gizmo yet , so please just copy and paste into your browser, the link below. As it has been said by Stuart McLean, and to paraphrase, I might not be big, but I'm small, oh and I'm slow!

Just a post script to this, after spending all morning on my iPod, online with my internet provider a wonderful technician finally got me reconnected so I am using my desk top again.

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