Monday, February 3, 2014

" My Mother Myself "

Years ago, back in the 70s, I read Nancy Friday's " My Mother Myself ". It was insightful, enlightening,  helped me to understand how my mother influenced me, and enabled me to become accepting of the woman I am today.

" When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman  who helped me  give birth to myself. "     
                                                                                         -   Nancy Friday

Over the years, and especially after  my mother's death in 1995, I deeply contemplated the lessons and wisdom she had imparted to me.

My mother was born February 4th, 1912. It will be her Birthday tomorrow. She lived through the Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression, during the Dirty Thirties, and two World Wars. All during my childhood into my teens my mother was in the work world,  a house wife, and doing her best to raise two young children.
Mum and Dad

If my mother was still living, she would be 102 years old. When I think about being that age, it is more than a life time to me, and time being an enigmatic thing, it is impossible to define, in many ways. A minute can seem like an hour, and  60 years a few weeks ago, or just yesterday past and the years are gone in the snap.

At fourty one years of age my mother gave birth to me in 1953. Being an older mum, though I never really thought of her as "old ", as she was always full of life, laughter, and possessing a very loving spirit. She taught me so many life lessons about how to live life, and about faith.

Prior to beginning this post, I knew I'd write about my mother, but wasn't exactly sure what, to honour of her birthday. I believe synchronicity enabled me to find this wonderful article by  Margret Manning, Author, Speaker and Founder of  the site  , 60 Things Older Women Want Younger Women To Know,  perfectly describes, and expresses so many of these lessons my mother taught me about life, love, aging, and especially about myself.

As I get older myself, I realize more profoundly how significant my relationships have been with those women who have blessed my life with their experience, strength, and hope. I think about how much I have gleaned from their wisdom, and how very grateful I am to them, and I hope I can pass this on, that which was so freely given to me.

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